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A business of a commercial student group

Small but professional operations - Young but experienced staff 

Reasonable price but excellent services


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  • 999,00 € ($999.00) each

    Sai Kung Islands - Hong Kong

    Spectacular hexagonal volcanic columns are the highlight of this boat tour. As most offshore islands in Sai Kung are remote, boat tour provides the best way for visitors to appreciate their scenic beauty. In addition, one can see the diverse morphology of sea caves, sea stacks and sea arches, as well as depositional landforms such as beaches and tombolos.

  • 999,00 € ($999.00) each

    Migratory Birds - South Korea

    Uponeup Wetland offers a place of respite for migratory birds traveling between South and North. Winter is the best time to observe migratory birds as approximately 30,000 of them fly 4,300 km to 6,000 km to Uponeup Wetland in October to escape the cold of the North Polar regions. These include wild geese, swans, mallards, and auks. In summer, such birds as the common kingfisher, bush warbler, and common heron visit the area to lay and hatch eggs. Birds such as titmouse, flycatcher, and magpie live there year-round, and some endangered species like kestrel, stork, and whooper swan are also found there, too.

  • 999,00 € ($999.00) each

    Chi Phat - Cambodia

    Chi Phat is located in the heart of the Southern Cardamoms Protected Forest that has been severely affected by warfare, commercial logging, and hunting. Lying on the banks of the Phipot River, Chi Phat commune comprises four small villages (Chi Phat, Chaom Sla, KamLort, and TeukLaork) of about 550 families. Villagers are using the highly fertile red soil of the area to grow rice, bananas and other seasonal crops.

  • 999,00 € ($999.00) each

    Ba Be - Vietnam

    The name Ba Be means "three lakes", although the lake is one continuous water body, 8 km long and up to 800 m wide. At an altitude of 178 m, Ba Be is the only significant natural mountain lake in Vietnam. It is up to 29 m deep, and contains numerous small limestone islets. The site ranges in altitude from 150 to 1,098 m.

  • 999,00 € ($999.00) each

    Yunnan Highlights - China

    "South of the Clouds" is the literal meaning of Yunnan, and stretching from the high Tibetan Plateau down to the subtropical climes bordering Southeast Asia, it is an amazingly diverse place. Yunnan is the most biologically diverse area in the temperate world, and contains a host of rare and endangered wildlife that will delight any naturalist. Located at the crossroads of Tibet, China and Southeast Asia, it is home to a mix of ethnic groups - from Naxi and Tibetan to Dai, Ake, and Hani. The temperature is mild and pleasant throughout most of the year, but can get quite cold in the winter at higher elevations. Southern Yunnan also experiences a rainy season from May to October...

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